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MAX is Back!

For those who want a complete athletic experience, an intense volleyball training period, play high-level competition, and get college recruiting exposure the MAX program is for you. This program is modeled after college and higher-level programs that maximize training periods. Research shows training and competing in periods with rest and recovery in between is the preferred method for optimal development. Through effective periodization athletes can maximize training gains, reach peak performance, set target goals, and recover properly to avoid over-training and injury. Here is a great article on the benefits of periodization.

Club ball is demanding and skill, athlete development and peak performance can get lost in a demanding five-to-six-month period that requires an 8-12 tournament schedule right after the high school season. CRÛ MAX is a four-month program which begins with skill training (development and application) and athletic development in our winter training block, then moves into team training and a highly competitive season during the peak college recruiting period. After that, it’s balance of life, time for other sports or activities, rest and recovery, then back at it again ready for the next period. No more fear of missing out, do it the MAX way!

Here is a typical NCAA schedule:

  • Mid-January to February 15th – Winter Athletic and Skill Development
  • Mid-February to April - Spring Competitive Season
  • May to Mid-June - Rest/Recovery
  • June and beginning of August - Summer Athletic and Skill Development
  • Mid-August to November/Dec - Fall Competitive Season
  • December - Rest/Recovery

College athletes are physically capable of taking intense reps for longer periods of time, but still train in blocks to allow for optimal development and to maximize athletic gains prior to competition. Junior athletes may not be physically and mentally developed enough to endure long training loads, but many train for longer periods of time, without rest and recovery, than what is currently expected of college athletes. The objective of the CRÛ MAX program is to train so athletes can peak at the most meaningful times, rather than try to peak perform year-round (which is unlikely). 

CRÛ MAX will emphasize the January to April period. Those who make the MAX team will go through the training block program, have a team practice period and play in three national events. If you do not make the MAX team but still want an intense skill training and athletic development experience, CRÛ will have a limited number of spots available for the Winter Advance Training Block. Sign-ups for those spots will be in September.

CRU in College

Latest CRU college commits

Player College Year
Kailey Willsey Central Washington - Verbal 2025
Alana Marrs Oregon State - Verbal 2025
Ashton McMahon Central Washington 2023
Kaylee Wheeler Yakima Valley College 2023
Jansyn Carrizales Carroll College 2023
Shaela Allen-Greggs Pacific Lutheran University 2023
Kenzie Nealon Montana State Billings 2023
Lily Kinlcoch Northwest Nazarene 2023
Kennedy Webb Central Washington 2023
Taylor Kieser Corbin 2023
Zoey Crimin St. Martin's 2022
Brooke Silvernail Bushnell 2021
Mackensi Meluskey Washington State 2021
Courtney Standley Yakima Valley 2021
Alice Bennett Providence 2021
Jade Larrabee Spokane Falls CC 2020
Leah Stueckle Spokane Falls CC 2020
Sage Brustad Eastern Washington 2020
Taylor Dekoning George Fox 2020
Shaunessy Fisk Central Washington 2020
Payton Jones Northwest Christian 2019
Marissa Logozzo Montana State Billings 2019
Macy Jensen Oregon Tech 2019
Alaina Lacey Idaho 2019
Peyten Ely Idaho 2019
Alyssa Smith Central Washington 2019
Sydney Remsberg Central Washington 2019
Tia Andaya Gonzaga 2019
Shea Rubright Minnesota 2019
Noelani Helm Portland 2019

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